How do you really learn something? Immersion, says Tony Robbins

This is a 20 minute video from Ted talks, and Robbins’ greater message is about what motivates people to make decisions and take action.  He takes a well-meaning jab at Al Gore, who is in the audience, which makes it worth the watch.

I’m still mulling over this idea of immersion that he begins with, though.  My hunch is that we’re genetically hard-wired to think of immersion as scary.  Leaving a comfortable frame of reference to seek out something new and foreign.  That’s dangerous.  But what if the people you’re immersed among are welcoming and generous?  It changes the potential of that experience hundred-fold.

About Anne L'Ecuyer

Anne is a strategist, facilitator and consultant who stays closely connected to an international network of city leaders, cultural professionals, and individual artists. She is an expert in the creative industries and cultural tourism in the United States, as well as the contributions of the arts toward educational, social, and environmental goals.
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