Dāna | Generosity

That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing. — Simone de Beauvoir

Writers need to be warm to work and to have comfortable spaces where distractions are minimized. They also need to get good exercise and nutrition, and refill the well with conversations and local diversions. Preparing the retreat for successful residencies means anticipating those needs and cultivating the resources and community to help meet them.

Formally, the retreat operates on the Buddhist principle of dāna which is the practice of cultivating generosity. It begins with the premise that each of us is earnestly trying to contribute something of value and equally interested in receiving abundance in our own lives. For me, it’s a blessing to be in the company of other writers and I am happy to contribute the space. In the short time I’ve been living this way, the difference is obvious. Unexpected resources appear even amidst the inevitable setbacks.

A lovely dinner prepared by Xinxin Wang.

A lovely dinner prepared by Xinxin Wang.

Visionary choreographer Liz Lerman said, “Art is big. Dance is big. Nothing is too small to notice.” As writers, we know that great gifts come in the blink of an eye or a shift in perspective. The contributions of those listed here are felt in practical terms and also in the untold ways that matter most.

Retreat Alumni
Mark and Léa Kristmanson, 2010
Kris Turner, 2010
Susan Lomuto, 2011 (x2)
Ken Hayes, 2011, 2012, 2013 (x5)
Norine Yeung, 2011, 2012, 2013 (x4)
John Moore, 2011
Jeff Hankins, 2011
Michael Meng, 2011
Anna Addamo, 2011
Joy Redmon, 2011, 2012, 2013
Ewan Johnston, 2011
Evgeniia Vekhova, 2011
Diane Shandor, 2011, 2012
Veronica Michaelsen, 2012
Xinxin Wang, 2012
Carolyn Daughters, 2012
Benjamin Morgan, 2012
Esmeralda Valencia Lindström, 2012
John Petrov, 2012
Jikhan Jung, 2012
Kathryn Rhine, 2012
Rebecca Wehr, 2012
Carmel Hurdle, 2012
Richard Morgan, 2012
Kia Hall and Abigail, 2012
Debbie Sobeloff, 2013
Ian Pounds, 2013
Philippa Whiteside, 2013
Rachel Feingold, 2013

Susanne Bingham
Rachael Blumenberg
Karen O. Brown
John Campanile
Rosario Chugnay Cargua and Jonathan Haskett
Julie and Kerry Conway
Kim Dabbs
Dan Donohue
Louise Godley
Dreya Johannsen
Brooke Kidd
Jeanine L’Ecuyer and Mike Set
Michelle and Tony Lee
Andrew Lustig
Veronica Michaelsen
Barbara and Don Nordlund
John Paradiso
Valerie Theberge and Shahin Shikhaliyev
Heather Ware
Norine Yeung and Ken Hayes

Wish List
The wish list below is updated regularly with the practical necessities that are just beyond reach.  To drop off an item, contact Anne directly.  If you want to help toward purchasing an item, consider making a contribution through PayPal.

  • Writing and research tools (scanner, digital audio recorder, video camera)
  • Vegetables and herbs for the garden
  • Random hardscape materials like brick, tile, and slate for a mosaic patio
  • An outdoor compost bin – Completed Summer 2011
  • Wi-fi printer – Received January 2012
  • Two bicycles in good working order – Received October 2012

I am always contemplating larger projects that improve the efficiency of the house or add new feature.  Call or send a note if your interests match these goals or you have a resource to exchange.

  • Composting and gardening
  • Rainwater collection and use
  • Attic and roof expansion
  • Printmaking studio